Mr. Damian Kra
Head Of Department

Head of Department

Welcome to the Architecture & Building Department !

As the Head of Department, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all prospective students interested in pursuing their passion for architecture and building. Our department offers comprehensive full-time courses designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge in two key areas:

  1. Diploma in Architectural Drafting
  2. Diploma in Building

At the Architecture & Building Department, we are committed to providing quality education that prepares our graduates to excel in the dynamic field of architecture and construction. Our dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of industry experience, ensuring that you receive practical insights alongside theoretical knowledge.

Whether you aspire to become a skilled architectural draftsman or a knowledgeable building professional, our programs are tailored to foster your creativity, technical expertise, and professional development.

I encourage you to explore our offerings further and consider joining us on this exciting journey of learning and growth. Together, we can build a brighter future for the built environment in Papua New Guinea and beyond.

Head of Department
Architecture & Building Department
National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea

Building & Architectural Drafting Department
Building & Architectural Drafting Courses
Diploma in Archectural Drafting

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Diploma in Building

Explore Course

    The diploma program consists of four stages, with each stage running for 20 weeks. Stages one and three are conducted in the first semester of any year, while stages two and four are conducted in the second semester of the same year. This allows students who successfully complete stages four and two to be awarded the diploma and certificate, respectively, during the once-a-year graduation ceremony held at the end of the year. A student must successfully pass all subjects in any stage before proceeding to the next stage

    To educate young men and women so that upon completion of the course, they will achieve the following objectives:

    Operate various scientific instruments utilizing a range of operational methods and techniques employed by industries in Papua New Guinea.

    Understand the principles underlying the operations of diverse scientific instruments and analytical techniques used by industries in Papua New Guinea.

    Perform routine maintenance and preventive care of equipment covered in the curriculum.

    Furthermore, the course aims to establish a solid foundation to enable potential graduates to pursue advanced technical training courses in institutions both within the country and abroad.

    • The minimum entry requirement for this programme is completion of Grade 12 or Matriculation Studies with:
    • B Grade in Chemistry

      C Grade in Physics

      C Grade in English

      C Grade in Advance Mathemetics

    • Other entry requirement for this programme are:
    • Technical Certificate in Science Technology

      PETT Certificate in Science with Industral experience

    The diploma program is a 2-year program consisting of four (4) stages, with each stage running for 20 weeks.

Get to know our staff
Meet the lectures in the Department of Architecture & Building.

Mr. Damien Kra
Position: HOD & Lecturer
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Stanley Rupo
Position: Senior Lectuer Architecture
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Joshua Samuel
Position: Lecturer Building
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Vincent Kifas
Position: Principl Lecturer Building
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Donovan Akui
Position: Lecturer Building
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Michael Michael
Position: Part time IT Lecture
Email: name@polytec.ac.pg

Position: Lecture
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mrs. June Modudula
Position: Senior Lecture Communication
Email: name@polytec.ac.og
Stage 1
Mathematics 1 6 12
Science 1 6 12
Language Studies 1 6 12
Engineering Drawing 4 8
Workshop Technology 1 4 8
Introduction to Computing 4 8
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

Mathematics 2 4 8
Science 2 5 10
Language Studies 2 4 8
Engineering Drawing 1 4 8
Workshop Technology 2 5 10
Engineering Materials 4 8
Energy Conversion 4 8
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

Engineering Management 1 4 8
Mechanical power Transmission 5 10
Material Handling 3 6
Electro-Technology 5 10
Fluid Mechanics 4.5 9
Oil Hydraulics 4 8
Applied Thermodynamics 4.5 9
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

Mathematics 3 4 8
Ref. & Air Conditioning 4 8
Language Studies 3 4 8
Drawing & Designing 4 8
strength Materials 5 10
Applied Mechanics 5 10
Engineering Management 2 4 4
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

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