Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

    The department aims to achieve technical excellence in Mechanical Engineering, promote personal growth attitudes, and encourage the application of engineering solutions to societal challenges.

    The course is Aimed to:

    Equip graduates with sound technical Knowledge and training in Mechanical Engineering relevant to the needs of the industries in PNG.

    Provide graduates with the necessary background in Engineering Management, Computing and Communication Skills needed in middle level management.

    Provide bridging for the Mechanical Engineering studies between National Polytechnic Institute and the PNG University of Technology.

    • The minimum entry requirement for this programme is completion of Grade 12 or Matriculation Studies with:
    • C Grade in Chemistry

      B Grade in Physics

      C Grade in English

      B Grade in Advance Mathemetics

    • Completion of Grade 10 with the following grades along with a:
    • Upper Pass or Better in English, Mathematic & Science

      Tradesman Cerfificate

    • Completion of:
    • Technical Training Certificate in Metal Trades (TTC-Metal Trades).

      Pre-Employment Technical Training or

      Apprentice ship course

    The diploma program is a 2-year program consisting of four (4) stages, with each stage running for 20 weeks.


    On successful completion of stage 3 students will be awarded Certificate of Higher Technical Education in Mechanical Engineering and on successful completion of stage 4 students will be awarded Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Get to know our staff
Meet the lectures in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr Eugene Saiho
Position: Lecturer & Head Of Department
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr Henison Heve
Position: Lecturer
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr Raymond Ganeba
Position: Lecturer
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Ms Pauline Usu
Position: Senior Lecturer
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Giwi waeng
Position: Principal Lecturer
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Get to know our Cross Service staff
Meet the Cross services lectures in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Michael Michael
Position: Parttime IT Lecturer
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mrs. June Modudula
Position: Senior Lecturer Communication
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mr. Francis Kisu
Position: Lecturer Communication
Email: name@polytec.ac.og

Mrs. Margaret Simbia
Position: Lecturer Communication
Email: name@polytec.ac.og
Stage 1
Mathematics 1 6 12
Science 1 6 12
Language Studies 1 6 12
Engineering Drawing 4 8
Workshop Technology 1 4 8
Introduction to Computing 4 8
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

Mathematics 2 4 8
Science 2 5 10
Language Studies 2 4 8
Engineering Drawing 1 4 8
Workshop Technology 2 5 10
Engineering Materials 4 8
Energy Conversion 4 8
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

Engineering Management 1 4 8
Mechanical power Transmission 5 10
Material Handling 3 6
Electro-Technology 5 10
Fluid Mechanics 4.5 9
Oil Hydraulics 4 8
Applied Thermodynamics 4.5 9
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits

Mathematics 3 4 8
Ref. & Air Conditioning 4 8
Language Studies 3 4 8
Drawing & Designing 4 8
strength Materials 5 10
Applied Mechanics 5 10
Engineering Management 2 4 4
TOTAL 30 Hours 60 Credits